Which type of flooring do you need removed?  Click below to see photos of the take-up process:

Old flooring is best removed by a trained professional. Our staff is specifically trained in the safe, proper removal of all types of flooring.

There is more to flooring take-up than the act of removal itself.  A professional will protect your home from dust and damage.

We treat your home as you do.


Working in an orderly safe manner we remove your flooring and leave the underlying surface installation ready.  Flooring installers know that when following us they can immediately begin installing your new floors.


Our customers are continually praising the way that Flooring Removal, Inc takes the time to prep the house before a flooring removal project. They love the fact that we take pride in providing the cleanest environment possible.  Proper preparation is the key to your satisfaction.


Because we specialize, we do take-up faster, better cleaner, and for less.

The bottom line is it’s about the bottom line.

We’re Quick, Clean & Competitive!  Let Us Help.

For more information or to schedule a quote, please all 651.429.4411 or email info@flooringremovalinc.com


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